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SNAKE RIVER CORVETTES - BORDER RUN 2004 was a resounding success !! Some pictures that captures the wonderful time that we all had.

Snake River Corvettes Border Run 2004 !!!

Plenty O' C-5s in a row !!!

Some early years were represented very nicely!

The "Polker Walk" was lots of fun for all

Wells Fun Run 2004 !!

One beautiful paint job in Wells !!!!

2004 Holloween party brought out the best !!

The Jester and the Widow ....

Does the Pope know ??

Some of the costumes .. Or - are these normal ??

An example of what you can find on the Internet..

Greg & Shiela Bitton - our wonderful hosts for Christmas 2004

Idaho Corvette License Plate!!

Major stockholders in Idaho Power - Bittons beautiful front yard

It took 3 years to put all these decorations up !!

An awsome display - !!